Our Services

Prime Healthcare Professionals provides healthcare professionals especially nurses and healthcare support workers on both temporary and permanent bases to its clients. We create a long term partnership with our staff and clients. We provide clinical as well as non-clinical staffing as per our client requirement. We also provide recruitment solutions in the healthcare area.

Our Advantage
The most important advantage of using Prime Healthcare Professionals Services is that our team understands the fluctuation in staffing needs in the healthcare sector. We recruit highly skilled and compassionate staff who share our vision and values and demonstrate our required behaviours. Our healthcare professionals work collaboratively with the native teams to prioritise patient safety and deliver-harm free care. Our induction programme is aligned to the current healthcare strategies. We set clear expectations of roles and behaviours so that staff can work with clear standards of practice. We actively listen to patients and clients feedback and make changes accordingly.

We are one of the best healthcare staffing agencies to provide short-term as well as long term staffing solutions for nurses and healthcare professionals.

Our clients across Manchester and Greater Manchester rely on Prime Healthcare Professionals as a nursing agency.

Prime Healthcare Professionals provides its services to the health sector by providing support workers.

Here’s why people work with Prime Healthcare:


  • Available 24/7 – whenever an urgent need arises
  • Offer a wide range of service options
  • Knowledge of regulations
  • Locally based and able to go on-site as needed
  • Prime Healthcare Professionals are the top, local and best value nursing agency who can always deliver services on time.